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Silver Earrings Beetle


Unsure of what to wear today? Wing it!

Beetles make up a shocking amount of the world's insects, containing nearly 400.000 species, which is 40% of all known insects! Beetles are classified as fortified fliers, having a pair of wings encased in a sturdy shell that protects their delicate set of flight wings; they are anything from ladybugs and fireflies to scarabs and weevils. Be snug as a bug with these beautiful earrings!

More about the brand Nina Designs.

  • sterling silver 925
  • nickel-free
  • made ethically and with love in Thailand
  • measurements: 34 x 9 mm
  • not suited for small children

Sterling silver 925 Nickel-free Made ethically and with love in Thailand/Bali

Nina Designs is a jewellery brand with a heart of gold. They make fair trade jewellery in Thailand and Bali and try to work as ethically and ecologically as possible. Their wages are well above national minimum wages, employees receive an extra month's wage as an end-of-year bonus. In addition, workers receive a food allowance for lunches. The company provides health care, with a doctor on call for staff medical needs. Expectant mothers receive education about prenatal care and safe delivery. Mothers receive three months paid maternity leave or six months on half pay. Their hospital fees are also covered. In Bali, fifty percent of managers at the production facility are women, a figure that is even more impressive in Indonesia than it would be in the EU.

Nina Designs uses as much recycled silver as possible, and for every package they send, they plant a tree that will be part of a so called "forest garden". They give out microloans to skilled women artisans and support different NGO's for human rights, literacy and the environment.

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