T-shirt ant colony

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Like most other insects, ants are immensely fascinating. They maintain an entire society of often thousands and sometimes more than a million ants together, and have specific tasks for each ant. Some species breed mold, harbor aphids, and bury their dead to protect their colonies from disease. Others take a less positive approach and enslave other ants.

An ideal T-shirt for any insect lover!

Dark red T-shirt with short sleeves
100% organic cotton
Colored with ecological paints
Made of soft, high-quality, stretchy fabric
For sensitive skin: no label that itches on the neck
Pre-shrunk, convenient!
Ethically and lovingly made in India
Wash inside out (30°C) and iron, tumble dry on a low setting or dry on a drying rack

Svaha was founded by two women who worked at the American company ThinkGeek and who, after becoming mothers, noticed that the mainstream range of children's clothing has little to offer for children who do not fully fit the traditional gender pattern. Why aren't there clothes with astronauts or other science themes for girls? Why are there no clothes with cats or butterflies for boys? They decided to do something about it and in 2015 Svaha was founded to break gender stereotypes in children's clothing.

Svaha fits completely within the Fairy Positron picture: quality clothing, ecologically made (they work with ecological dyes and almost every piece is made of organic cotton), fairly manufactured from farmer to seamstress, practical (dresses with pockets, hello !) and mainly unisex. The prints are all STEAM inspired ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics ) and often have a high nerd content. Our kids love it!

Thanks to their background in the clothing industry, the women already had good contacts with reliable manufacturers. The majority of the clothing is made in India, in the workshop of a friend of founder Jaya (who grew up in India herself) which has the highest ethical standards, such as minimum " living wages". which is not always livable), no child labour, a safe working environment and no overtime. During the lockdown, the technically unemployed staff also continued to receive their wages.

Update: due to rising cotton prices, Svaha has temporarily switched to conventional cotton instead of organic cotton. As a result, you will notice that some of the new Svaha clothing is made of ordinary cotton. The clothing is still ethically produced from the field to the sewing workshop and still colored with ecological dyes. We hope to have new organic Svaha clothes in stock as soon as possible.

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