Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder

Longsleeve tunic "Android Heart Circuit" (5-16y)

€7,50 €44,00

You come to life in this longsleeve shirt! A circuit board with transistors, resistors, capacitors and microcontrollers on the back is connected to the robot heart on the front. The shiny print makes it appear to glow and pulsate as you move. Sure to be a hit with future electrical engineers and AI programmers alike.

black longsleeve tunic with purple print of robot heart and circuit board
100% cotton
two layers in the front, one in the back
wash at 30°C, tumble dry on a very low setting but it is better to dry on the drying rack
ethically and lovingly made in China

Unicorns. Trucks. Pink. Blue. Dragons. Sciences. Trains. Cats. Rainbows. Glitter.

If you've recently visited the children's section of a mainstream clothing store, you know. Some themes can only be found on one side of the department (divided according to gender), and the other themes on the other side. Apparently only boys like dragons and only girls like cats. Boys wear navy blue but not pink, and girls wear glitter but no trucks.

Princess Awesome and Boy Wonder know that gender stereotypes are detrimental to all children. Girls deserve clothes that tell the world what they're interested in and encourage adults to talk about something other than how pretty they look. Boys deserve clothes that show they are loving kids who aren't just out for "trouble" or "breaking hearts". All children deserve to be seen for who they are and what concerns them.

That's why Princess Awesome and Boy Wonder are so necessary. To break gender stereotypes. To run, jump, climb and dance with our children.

Children are constantly challenging gender stereotypes. It's about time their clothes can do the same.

The clothes of Princess Awesome and Boy Wonder are not organic, but of course they are fair. It is made by WCA certified Country Bright in China and Sew Precise in the US.

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