Pretty Little Earth

Earrings New Horizons & Pluto (studs)

€7,50 €18,00

This cool pair includes our beloved dwarf planet Pluto and her personal photographer and documentary filmmaker, the New Horizons space probe. After visiting Pluto, the probe is now exploring other objects in the Kuiper Belt.

plugs: 18/8 stainless steel
18/8 RSV is not nickel free but is considered hypoallergenic (it is the same steel as most kitchen utensils)
wood: 3 mm thick FSC certified maple wood
the wood is oiled to protect it against moisture, but it is still not waterproof, take it off before showering/bathing/swimming is the message!
dimensions earrings:
New Horizons: 13 by 10mm
Pluto: 10 mm in diameter
ethically and lovingly made in the UK

Pretty Little Earth is the work of the talented British Katy. She
draws inspiration from science and nature to this one
finely detailed wooden jewellery. The FSC certified wood
is lasercut, sanded and lightly oiled by Katy.

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