Cognitive Surplus

Body DNA building blocks


With a contribution of 23 individual chromosomes from each parent, a genetic blend of 23 pairs becomes a baby! A little hair color here, the perfect nose there, here's to the building blocks of life, DNA!

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  • made from 100% organic cotton
  • manufactured using eco-friendly organic dyes
  • wash at 30°C, tumble dry low or hang to dry

100% katoen
Kleur: beige (ongebleekt katoen)
Bedrukt met ecologische inkten
Wassen op 30°C
Ethisch en met liefde gemaakt in India

Cognitive Surplus is a small and sustainable US brand that focuses on sustainable practices, green materials and an inclusive workplace. They have received several awards from the city of Portland and Oregon state.

They carefully select their suppliers on ecological and social grounds. Many of their products are manufactured in the USA. Those that are produced in India (bodies) and China (tote bags and notebooks) are either WRAP-certified or inspected by Cognitive Surplus themselves, and found to be working by high ecological and social standards.

Besides many other initiatives to minimize waste, water usage and energy, they also have a CO2 compensation program for every shipment.

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