Cognitive Surplus

Beer glass "Great Beards of Science"


Raise a glass to these inspiring scientists who have done humanity a great service. Let them inspire and motivate you with your thesis, your fieldwork or your exams.

Charles Darwin
Alexander Murray
Friedrich Kekule
Dmitri Mendeleev
Walter Nernst
Galileo Galilei
Sir William Crookes
Leonardo DaVinci
Alfred Nobel
Ernst Mach
John Kepler
Ivan Pavlov
Gilbert Lewis
George W Carver
Robert Bunsen
Alexander Graham Bell
Herbert Spencer
Thomas Huxley
Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin
John Tyndall
Daniel H Williams
Edward Bouchet
Norbert Rillieux

+/- 33cl
Dishwasher safe
Ethically and lovingly made in the USA

Cognitive Surplus is a small and sustainable American brand that bets on
a sustainable workplace, green materials and an inclusive team with
neurodivergent people and people with a physical disability. They are already in several times, both for their ecological and for their inclusive effect
the awards, including at the city of Portland and the state of Oregon.

Their suppliers are chosen with great care and selected because of
their ecological and social functioning. Many of their products are made in the
USA made, but they also work with suppliers in India (baby bodysuits)
and China (shoulder bags and notebooks), which either
be WRAP certified or be audited by CS itself and
can undeniably demonstrate that everything within their company is under
ethical and environmentally friendly conditions.

They are also of the principle that energy that you cannot save,
you can still compensate. For every order they send, do
them to CO2 compensation.

Check out the entire Cognitive Surplus collection.

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