Fairy Positron stands for fair, positive clothing with a geeky touch and wants to offer what we missed in the mainstream clothing range: a combination of ethically/ecologically produced, positive and colorful clothing with a STEAM theme (science, technology, engineering , art and math). ). For girls and women who also like dinosaurs and robots, for boys who also like butterflies and kittens and for everyone who likes science.

Science is for everyone
Clothing has an influence on how a child is perceived by his environment. We think it's great to see how dresses with dinosaurs, beetles or robots provoke conversations about the child's interests, not just compliments about how beautiful and sweet the child looks. That's why we want every child to be able to choose interesting, beautiful or adventurous prints, or a combination of these.


We are a big fan of quality and practical clothing (dresses and leggings with functional pockets, yes!), but also of unisex clothing. This not only offers ecological and economic benefits, it also makes the clothing range more inclusive.

Also for adult nerds!
We also lacked the science in the mainstream range of clothing for adults, there is very little to do for anyone who likes to wear dresses. Our range for adults has now also expanded enormously with dresses (of course also with pockets and a geekytwinning collection!), T-shirts, leggings, scarves and jewellery.

Also eco behind the scenes

The clothing industry and parcel post have an impact on the environment, so we want to do our best to limit it. That is why we work with brands that opt ​​for high-quality, unisex and ecological clothing. We do not go for fast, cheap and disposable, but opt ​​for slow fashion : good quality, no temporary hypes and always ethically manufactured: fair wages and without child labour. We also work as much as possible with companies that share our ethical principles, such as Ello Mobile and ProtonMail. We mainly use ecological, reusable or recycled materials for our packaging. We work close to home, use second-hand furniture and use 100% green electricity. Our parcels are brought to the various courier services by steel steed and we also give an extra shipping discount to our Belgian customers who choose to collect their parcel at a bpost collection point.