Fairy who?

Fairy Positron offers ethically made, positive clothing with a geeky touch. We want to offer what we have been missing in the mainstream clothing lines: a unique combination of positive, colourful, STEAM-themed clothes, all ethically and (as much as possible) ecologically produced. For girls and women who also love dinosaurs and robots, and for boys and men who also love butterflies and kittens.
Science: it’s like magic but real
We all love magic. And is there anything more magical than our solar system, the quantum world, the universe or a chameleon changing colour? We want everyone to be able to show their love for science.

We are a big fan of hardwearing and practical clothing (dresses with pockets, yay!), but we also love unisex clothes. Apart from the ecological and economic benefits, it also offers the option to everyone to wear something with delicious ice cream, heavy machinery or sweet little rabbits.

Eco-conscious behind the scenes
The fashion industry as well as parcel delivery services have an impact on the environment, which we aim to reduce as much as we can. That is why we chose brands who share that vision, who produce hardwearing, unisex and ecological garments. Behind the scenes we work with biodegradable, reusable or reused materials (as you will notice when you receive your package ). We work close to home, using 100% green energy and we bring our packages to the different couriers by bicycle.