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Choose the right size

If you have purchased the wrong size, you can of course always exchange it. But to save time, money and the environment together, we want to help you choose the right size as best we can.

So some tips:

  • The measurements stated with the clothing are always the measurements of the garment , not the measurements of you or your child. Be sure to keep this in mind if a piece of clothing is not allowed/needed to be tight. It is therefore often useful to measure a comparable item of clothing .
    • the length of a garment is always measured at the back, in the middle of the neck
    • the width of a sweater, T-shirt or dress is measured at the height of the chest, from armpit to armpit
    • the circumference of a sweater, T-shirt or dress is also measured at the height of the chest
    • for trousers it is stated whether the circumference/width is measured at the elastic "at rest" or "stretched"
    • the length of the trouser legs is always measured from the crotch over the inside of the leg (the inner seam) to the end of the trouser leg
  • The American sizes are listed with the Svaha clothing, which roughly correspond to the table below, but we still recommend that you always measure it since European sizes also differ from brand to brand and often even from garment to garment. Svaha's clothing is 100% cotton but not stiff. The fabric is always a bit stretchy so you always have some margin.
    US size EU size
    XS 34
    S 36-38
    m 38-40
    L 42-44
    XL 44-46
    2X 48-50
    3X 52-54
    4X 56-58
    5X 60-62
    • Retrolicious clothing hardly stretches, if at all, so the margin here is very small.
    • As for children, most of our garments are easy to use as they grow :
      • T-shirts and dresses with short sleeves are easy to use for a few growth spurts (eg in the case of a dress from below the knee to above the knee, possibly with leggings).
      • Long sleeves are easy to fold
      • 3/4 sleeves can easily start as 7/8 sleeves
    • We also choose fabrics that can easily withstand all seasons, with layers for autumn/winter or without layers for summer/spring.