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Tootsa MacGinty: the Unisex Brand for Kids

Tootsa MacGinty is a young company where everyone is passionate about what we do. The brand takes pride in sourcing the best fabrics, getting the right fit and designing graphics and motifs in colours that work well together. They work closely with their manufacturers in China and Turkey, and with their small family run factories in Portugal. All are registered with SEDEX (Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange) to ensure that they conform to ethical standards. The aim is to produce beautiful, ethically made, quality childrenswear that children will enjoy wearing and that provide value for money for parents.

Tootsa MacGinty was set up in 2011, with the aim to create a stylish alternative to the traditional boy-girl clothing divide often seen on the high street. Gorgeous, vibrant colours, playful details and quality, hardwearing fabrics were, and remain, at the core of the brand’s values.

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Set warme sokken (enkel nog 10J) - Fairy Positron
Warm & happy socks
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T-shirt revolution - Fairy Positron
T-shirt Revolution
  • €29,00
  • €22,00