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Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder: Clothes that rule, like they do

Unicorns. Trucks. Pink. Blue. Dragons. Science. Trains. Cats. Rainbows. Sparkles.

Have you visited the kids' clothing section in a mainstream retailer lately? If you have, you know that these some of these topics are only found on one side of the gender divide in stores - and all of the rest are on the other. Apparently only boys like dragons, and only girls like cats. Boys wear navy blue but not pink, and girls get lots of rainbows but not trucks.

Princess Awesome and Boy Wonder know that these gender stereotypes hurt all kids. Girls deserve clothes that tell the world about all they’re interested in and encourage adults to do more than comment on how pretty they look. Boys deserve clothes that reflect the fact that they are the loving, kind-natured kids we all know and care about - not just “trouble” and “heartbreakers.” All kids deserve to be seen for their true selves and honored for their own unique set of interests.

That’s why we’re here. Princess Awesome and Boy Wonder are here to smash those stereotypes. We’re here to run, jump, climb, and dance along with your kids so they can wear a piece of their awesome, wonderful selves out into the world.

Your kids defy gender stereotypes. They deserve clothes that do, too.

4 producten found in Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder: Clothes that rule, like they do

Long Sleeve Shirt "Truck Of Love" (2-8y)
  • €38,50
Ballerina Style Short Sleeve Dress "Fire Truck & Flames" (2-8y)
  • €57,50
Long Sleeve Tunic "Electric Guitar Rocker" (5-16y)
  • €44,00
Long Sleeve Tunic "Android Heart Circuits" (5-16y)
  • €44,00