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Hardcover Notebooks - The Abstract (A5)

Constructed with simple elegance in mind, the covers of these understated notebooks present an icon representative of the discipline in silver foil. Inside the front and back covers, you'll find a bold collection of scientific illustrations printed in full color. Store your small notes and important papers in the pocket at the back, and keep the notebook closed with a satisfying elastic strap. The Abstract series is built with high-quality 100% recycled paper and printed with soy inks, leaving a light footprint. Be inspired to ask the right questions, connect the dots (even when they’re really far apart), and keep pushing humanity forward, so that tomorrow is always brighter than today. The textured paper on the covers of these notebooks has the feel of an old textbook. With advanced lay-flat pages, they want to fall open, like a well-loved library book. Go ahead and see for yourself – these are the notebooks your most brilliant ideas have been waiting for.

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Notitieboekje astronomie (A5/gelijnd) - Fairy Positron
Hardcover Astronomy (A5/lined)
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Notitieboekje genetica & DNA (A5/gelijnd) - Fairy Positron
Hardcover Notebook DNA (A5/lined)
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Notitieboekje paleontologie (A5/gelijnd) - Fairy Positron
Hardcover Notebook Paleontology (A5/lined)
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Notitieboekje zonnestelsel (A5/gelijnd) - Fairy Positron
Hardcover Notebook Sol: Spectra (A5/lined)
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Notitieboekje maanlanding (A5/gelijnd) - Fairy Positron
Hardcover Notebook Moon Landing (A5/lined)
  • €32,50
Notitieboekje insecten (A5/gelijnd) - Fairy Positron
Hardcover Notebook Insects (A5/lined)
  • €32,50
Notitieboekje materiaalwetenschap (A5/gelijnd) - Fairy Positron
Hardcover Notebook Materials Science (A5/lined)
  • €32,50