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Body Zebra
Body Zebra
Body Zebra

Body Zebra

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Like all zebras, my black and white coat is unique. It is so unique that each of us has its own pattern, like humans and their fingerprints. Our stripes are useful not only for identifying us: when the dazzle (name for a group of zebras) is gathered, they create an optical effect that confuses our predators. Furthermore, the black and white contrast reflects the sunlight and keeps us cool. A recent study showed that it also keeps flies away, they too get confused when watching our striped pyjamas!

I am the biggest, but also most endangered of all zebras. Like many African animals, we are in competition with farmers for territory, but one thing is sure: if humans organise themselves, we could all live in harmony!

Add a splash of fun to your child's wardrobe! This short-sleeved T-shirt in soft organic cotton makes a great eco-friendly gift.

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  • yellow bodysuit made from 100 % organic cotton (GOTS certified)
  • screen-printed (PVC- and phtalate-free)
  • tag-free
  • features expandable shoulders to easily change squirmy babies
  • wash inside out at 30°C, hang to dry
  • made ethically and with love in India (in compliance with environmental social standards in accordance with the International Labour Organisation rules, traceability from cotton cultivation to clothing)