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Cognitive Surplus: Science Meets Design

Cognitive Surplus is a small and sustainable US brand that focuses on sustainable practices, green materials and an inclusive workplace. They have received several awards from the city of Portland and Oregon state.

They carefully select their suppliers on ecological and social grounds. Many of their products are manufactured in the USA. Those that are produced in India (bodies) and China (tote bags and notebooks) are either WRAP-certified or inspected by Cognitive Surplus themselves, and found to be working by high ecological and social standards.

Besides many other initiatives to minimize waste, water usage and energy, they also have a CO2 compensation program for every shipment.


169 producten found in Cognitive Surplus: Science Meets Design

T-shirt micro-organisme (2-4 jaar) - Fairy Positron
T-shirt microorganism (2-4 years)
  • €25,00
[Sample] T-shirt DNA bouwblokken (4 jaar) - Fairy Positron
[Sample] T-shirt DNA Building Blocks (4 years)
  • €25,00
Jaarplanner kwallen - Fairy Positron
Yearly Planner Jellyfish
  • €21,00
Jaarplanner DNA & genetica - Fairy Positron
Yearly Planner DNA & Genetics
  • €21,00
Jaarplanner honingbij - Fairy Positron
Yearly Planner Honey Bee
  • €21,00
Jaarplanner formules die de wereld veranderden - Fairy Positron
Yearly Planner Equations That Changed The World
  • €21,00
Jaarplanner chemische modellen - Fairy Positron
Yearly Planner Chemistry Models
  • €21,00
Jaarplanner dag & nacht op aarde - Fairy Positron
Yearly Planner Day and Night on Earth
  • €21,00
Jaarplanner astronomie - Fairy Positron
Yearly Planner Astronomy
  • €21,00
Jaarplanner giftige planten - Fairy Positron
Yearly Planner Poisonous Plants
  • €21,00
Wijnglas DNA-replicatie - Fairy Positron
Wine Glass DNA
  • €34,50
Set wijnglazen sterrenhemel - Fairy Positron
Set of 2 Wine Glasses Southern Hemisphere Night Sky
  • €42,50
Set wijnglazen "The science of wine" - Fairy Positron
Set of 2 Wine Glasses "The science of wine"
  • €42,50
Set bierglazen "The science of beer" - Fairy Positron
Set of 2 Beer Glasses "The science of beer"
  • €39,50
Bierglas DNA-replicatie - Fairy Positron
Beer Glass DNA
  • €21,00
Glas "the science of water" - Fairy Positron
Glass "the science of water"
  • €21,00
Glas "Beneath the waves" - Fairy Positron
Glass "Beneath the Waves"
  • €21,00
Glas "Above the earth" - Fairy Positron
Glass "Above the Earth"
  • €21,00
Glas fossielen & aardlagen - Fairy Positron
Glass Core Sample
  • €21,00
Bierglas Leonardo Da Vinci - Fairy Positron
Beer Glass Leonardo Da Vinci
  • €21,00
Bierglas Alice Ball - Fairy Positron
Beer Glass Alice Ball
  • €21,00
Bierglas Albert Einstein - Fairy Positron
Beer Glass Albert Einstein
  • €21,00
Bierglas Ada Lovelace - Fairy Positron
Beer Glass Ada Lovelace
  • €21,00
Bierglas "Great Beards of Science" - Fairy Positron
Beer Glass "Great Beards of Science"
  • €21,00
Bierglas "Great Women of Science" - Fairy Positron
Beer Glass "Great Women of Science"
  • €21,00
Etui dinotijdperken - Fairy Positron
Zip Case "Eras of Dinosaurs"
  • €19,50
Notitieboekje voortplanting (geruit/gelijnd) - Fairy Positron
Hardcover Notebook Reproduction (Grid/Lined)
  • €28,50
Notitieboekje universummodellen (puntraster) - Fairy Positron
Hardcover Notebook Models of the Universe (Dot Grid)
  • €28,50
Notitieboekje microbiologie (puntraster) - Fairy Positron
Hardcover Notebook Microbiology (Dot Grid)
  • €28,50
Notitieboekje mechanical engineering (puntraster) - Fairy Positron
Hardcover Notebook Mechanical Engineering (Dot Grid)
  • €28,50
Notitieboekje honingbij (puntraster) - Fairy Positron
Hardcover Notebook Honey Bee (Dot Grid)
  • €28,50
Notitieboekje mieren (puntraster) - Fairy Positron
Hardcover Notebook Ants (Dot Grid)
  • €28,50
Notitieboekje paleontologie (A5/gelijnd) - Fairy Positron
Hardcover Notebook Paleontology (A5/lined)
  • €32,50
Notitieboekje zonnestelsel (A5/gelijnd) - Fairy Positron
Hardcover Notebook Sol: Spectra (A5/lined)
  • €32,50
Schoudertas onder de golven - Fairy Positron
Canvas Tote Bag Beneath the Waves
  • €29,50
Schoudertas aardlagen/stratigrafie - Fairy Positron
Canvas Tote Bag Stratigraphy
  • €29,50