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Boredwalk is a small US company that creates fun designs and prints them on-site on clothing with ecological inks. The clothing itself is ethically and lovingly made in India, the US and Latin America. Part of their proceeds go to good causes such as organisations that fight for women's and LGBTQI rights.

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Body zonnestelsel - Fairy Positron
Body Solar System
  • €25,00
Body "it's just a phase" - Fairy Positron
Body "it's just a phase"
  • €25,00
Body "Made from star stuff" - Fairy Positron
Body "Made From Star Stuff"
  • €25,00
Body Fuzz Aldrin - Fairy Positron
Body Fuzz Aldrin
  • €25,00
Body "Marie Curie & The Isotopes" - Fairy Positron
Body "Marie Curie & The Isotopes"
  • €25,00