A lazy list to keep your spirits up (EN)

Are you looking for feel-good or nerdy indoor activities while in lockdown? We made a list for you:
For children and adults:
  • With screen:
    • On Netflix: The Magic School Bus and The Magic School Bus Rides Again are nice and nerdy animated series about different STEM-themes. And it looks like the sisters Frizzle also shop with us!
    • On the YouTube Channel of the amazing Simone Giertz you will find plenty of fun(ny) and interesting videos, such as a wake-up machine, a portable mattress or a Truckla which we secretly prefer rather than the official Tesla Cybertruck.
    • Physics Girl has also got your back and made a video featuring 20 experiments that you can do with your kids in just over 5 minutes (if you are really motivated and very well prepared).
    • If you have a garden: make an inventory of all the plants and wildlife you can find.
    • Books for kids:
      • Ada Twist, Scientist (Andrea Beatty)
      • Rosie Reveer, Engineer (Andrea Beatty)
      • Go to Story Time from Space and watch astronauts reading children's books from space.

For adults:

  • Podcasts: we absolutely love them and they make it actually really fun doing household chores, waiting for the bus, being stuck in traffic (when that happens again). You can find them on Soundcloud, Spotify or your favourite podcast app such as Podcast Addict.
    • No such thing as a fish: podcast by the BBC's QI-elves.
    • The Guilty Feminist: a comedy podcast by Deborah Frances White about different political, ecological, scientific, ... themes. Although the scientific episodes aren't very numerous, there is an episode about women in STEM and a crossover episode with No Such Thing as a Fish. During the lockdown, there is also a daily Instagram Live show called The New Normal to keep our spirits up.
    • Ologies: a pocast by Alie Ward with the slogan "ask smart people stupid questions". Featuring experts from different -ology fields, from acarology to zymology.
    • The Infinite Monkey Cage: funny science podcast with Brian Cox and Robin Ince.

What is keeping you sane these days? Let us know in the comments below!

Take care of yourself and each other! ❤️

And wash your hands!

(Maybe a bit more thorough than this... With soap. And between the fingers. And don't forget your thumbs and nails!)


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