Keep your spirits up list

Still looking for nerdy or feel-good indoor activities? We made a list for you. Additions are welcome in the comments!

For children & adults:

  • With screen:
    • For Netflix viewers: The Magic School Bus and The Magic School Bus Rides Again are fun and nerdy animated series where each episode revolves around a different STEM theme. And it seems as if the Frizzle sisters have also come shopping with us.

    • Nostalgia: Once upon a time... you can watch life via YouTube or Netflix .
    • Do you want to explain to your children why they should wash their hands? This Karrewiet video will help you with that. If you want a song that you can use while washing your hands, you can go to Captain Winokio and Bec Hill . Captain Winokio also has a full page devoted to Quarantine First Aid .

    • On the YouTube channel of inventor Simone Giertz you will also find countless fun videos, from an alarm clock to a portable mattress to a Truckla that we secretly prefer to the Tesla Cybertruck.

    • You can also take a look at De Koterij by maker/comedian Henk Rijckaert via his YouTube channel . Especially for the lockdown there is now also a nice collaboration with his daughter: #blijfinuwkoterij and his hall show MAKER is fully online.

    • On the Physics Girl YouTube channel there is a video with 20 experiments that you (if you are very motivated and well prepared) can perform in 5 minutes.

    • Technopolis gives you ideas for a LockdownLab : fun experiments that you can do in your own kitchen.

  • Without screen:
    • If you have a garden, make an inventory of the plants and creepy crawlies you find.
    • Puzzle race: throw the pieces of different puzzles (1 per participant) in a box, mix them all together and let each participant create their own puzzle.
    • Books for Teens:
      • Journey to the stars (Angelique van Ombergen & Stijn Ilsen)
      • In my head (Angelique van Ombergen)
      • Some girls don't like pink (Chrostin)
    • Books for children:
      • Ada Dapper, Scientist (Andrea Beatty)
      • Roza Rozeur, Engineer (Andrea Beatty)
      • Since most libraries are closed, you can watch astronauts read from space on the Story Time from Space channel.
      • The Sound House website now also offers a number of free audio books, various coloring pages and games.
    • The Sound House has also started a podcast for children from the age of 8: Science .

    For adults:

    • Podcasts : we love them and there is nothing better to cheer up housework, endless traffic jams or cycling in bad weather. You can find them on Soundcloud, Spotify or in your podcast app like Podcast Addict.
      • Nerdland : a monthly overview of science and technology news by Lieven Scheire, Hetty Helsmoortel, Jeroen Baert, Stephanie Dehennin, Peter Berx, Nathalie Kerkhofs, Els Aerts, Kurt Beheydt, Bart Van Peer and Marian Verhelst, among others. And they've also made a nerdy list of occupational therapy .

      • No such thing as a fish : podcast by the QI-elves who also find out all the facts for the BBC quiz QI.

      • The Guilty Feminist: A comedy podcast by Deborah Frances White on various political, environmental, scientific themes. Though it's outnumbered science themes, it includes an episode about women in STEM and a crossover episode with No Such Thing as a Fish , renamed No Such Thing as a Guilty Feminist.

      • Ologies : A pocast by Alie Ward with the motto "ask smart people stupid questions". With experts from various -ology disciplines, from acarology to zymology.

      • The Infinite Monkey Cage : Funny science podcast with Brian Cox and Robin Ince.

    • Radio :
      • Listen to We will continue on Radio 1 from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. with Sofie Lemaire and Vincent Byloo to also experience the beautiful and solidarity side of this corona crisis.
    • TV:
      • In More Woman on the Street , the same Sofie Lemaire ensures that impressive, but often forgotten women are also given a street name.
    • Book :
      • Why everyone is always right (Ruben Mensch): be careful, it makes you milder towards your fellow man who thinks differently ;-)

      • All books from the BBC quiz QI, such as 1,227 Quite Interesting Facts to Blow Your Socks Off

      • Cut genes (Hetty Helsmoortel)

      • DNA (Lieven Scheire)

      We will add to this list in the coming weeks. If you have any ideas of your own, write them below in the comments.

      Love each other and take care of yourself and each other! ❤️

      And wash your hands!

      (Okay, maybe a little more thorough than this, with soap and stuff, and between the fingers, and don't forget the thumbs and nails!)

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