Manual mouth mask with ribbon

How do I put on my mouth mask?

    How do I wash my mouth mask?

    • wash before first use (60°C)
    • wash at 60°C after each use (if necessary, first remove any filter and wash it with it or in case of disposable: throw it away), preferably not on an eco setting because this usually means that it is washed at a slightly lower temperature
    • in a laundry bag the ribbons will wear less quickly
    • survives an occasional trip in the dryer, but as with any fabric, the mask will wear less if it is dried on the drying rack
    Face masks are not a substitute for social distancing, hand washing and other measures. An addition. Always follow the latest official guidelines. We do our best to keep our site up to date but the information below may be out of date.

    How did I wash my hands again?

    Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees is not only a great song for CPR, but also for washing your hands:

    How do I use a mouth mask?

      The mouth masks are not medical devices but can help to:
        • not to touch your face, by wearing a mask you are much more aware of this
          • to spread your own saliva drops when talking, etc., much less
          • to a certain extent to repel droplets from the outside, however, it is no guarantee against contamination and must always be supplemented with the other regulations and measures!
            It can also be pleasant not to wash your mouth mask with strongly scented detergent, since you will be pressed into it with your nose all the time.
                1. wash your hands before putting it on
                2. only touch the ribbons, not the mask itself
                3. put your head through the loop with the mask part in the front and the loop in the back as high up your neck as possible
                4. pull the ribbons and make sure the mask part is over your nose, mouth and chin
                5. pull the ribbons back and fasten them at the back of your head
                6. when putting on the mask, you can of course touch the outside of the mask to put it right, make sure that it fits your face as closely as possible and that there are as few openings as possible on the side or top (although there will always be air escapes from the sides with non-medical masks, as it is the path of least resistance)
                7. replace it if damp or dirty
                8. stay away from it until you can take it off again and throw it straight into the wash, preferably in a sealed bag
                9. wash your hands after spawning
                Wash an already worn mask (60°C, non-eco setting) before wearing it again. Store a washed mask in a clean place, touching only the tape. If it is not possible to wash at a high temperature, iron the mask at a high temperature, if possible with steam.

                  Be sure to watch the video , it goes over the most important things:

                  The science behind face masks

                  Are you interested in the scientific research that has already been done into mouth masks? Science Sam to the rescue! The video is extensive but contains a handy table of contents. ;-)

                  Love to see each other, take care of yourself and each other ❤️

                  And wash your hands!

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