Dinosaurs in the ISS, the story behind the collection

Behind our new Dinos in Space collection is a special story of NASA astronaut Karen Nybergs.

During her 166-day stay on the International Space Station (ISS), Karen made a video every day for her 3-year-old son Jack. To surprise him with something else, she had to get creative because transporting cargo to the ISS is extremely expensive (approximately $20,000 per kilogram). So Nyberg could not take a lot of material with her, but an upcycle project was possible, because in addition to being an astronaut and an engineer, she is also a talented seamstress. In between the busy work schedule, she drew a dinosaur design and started working with an old T-shirt and fabric from food packaging. The first production of a cuddly toy in space was a fact!

This heartwarming event was the inspiration for the new glow in the dark Dinos in Space collection ! Together with his mama's dinosaur toy, Jack's four favorite dinosaurs float in front of the panoramic Cupola observation module with the view from the ISS in the background: endless space, stars and the earth. Ideal for geeky twinning!

Update : This story is also featured in the Netflix series Like a Mother :

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