Action for 'Cloud in my head' (De Warmste Week)

For De Warmste Week this year we choose the non-profit organization Cloud in my head ( collection via Karus vzw , center for mental health care). Cloud in my head wants to break the taboo surrounding post- and perinatal depression that many young parents have to deal with. Because 3 out of 4 brand new moms suffer from baby blues and 1 out of 5 suffer from psychological problems ranging from anxiety disorders, over postnatal depression to psychoses.

Illustration from Good Moms have Scary Thoughts

Talking about mental health problems is difficult anyway, especially at a time when society expects you to live on a pink cloud. For fear of being judged by the environment or having to answer to a social service, more than half of depressed mothers do not dare to talk about it. While most young parents can probably imagine that the emotional rollercoaster you go through after birth can escalate quickly, especially if other risk factors are involved such as poverty, young age of the parents, lack of a social safety net, a traumatic birth , a crying baby, ...

We want to encourage these parents and therefore choose 'Cloud in my head' as a charity during this Warmest Week (weeks). For each accessory sold from December 2nd to December 23rd, 10% of the sales price will go to this non-profit organization. You can also have your order wrapped in the official Warmest Week wrapping paper for € 2 per product, the full proceeds of which go to Cloud in my head.

In the coming weeks you can expect more information about Cloud in my head and perinatal depression via our blog.

Illustration from Good Moms have Scary Thoughts

(Illustrations from the book Good Moms have Scary Thoughts by Karen Kleiman and Molly McIntire)

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